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I am a retired JCO of Pakistan air Force and have served for consecutive 25 years as an electronics technician. After completion of three years technical training at initial stage of service performed duties of field maintenance, routine maintenance and repair at RADAR squadron where gone through various On The Job (OJT) training phases like assembly, card, component level maintenance, safe working environment, fire awareness and fire extinguishing procedures, logging of different jobs on different work cards, forms, at the completion of job. Component dealing i.e to be turned in as a salvage, repairable or to be stored as serviceable. Logistics procedures, electronic equipment storage,balance, location and environment etc.
Second posting was to Avionics Production Factory where reproduced Radars after overhauling, learned over hauling of electronics components, cables and connectors(data, comm, power, RF), Radar integration, learned ISO 9001 certification in classes.
The third posting was to Radar operational unit where applied all learned knowledge in practical field I.e routine maintenance,repair, log procedure, training of technician staff etc
Fourth posting was to Air Engineering Depot for maintenance, repair, calibration of Biomedical / Precision Measuring Equipment (PME) where managed the human resources, duties, deployment of different teams at remote areas and performed critical maintenance tasks on bench and various sites.
Last posting was to Quality Assurance Squadron Pakistan Air Force Academy Asghar Khan where performed QA evaluator duties for a year then deployed as training coordinator of QAE,s for a year and at last year became warrant officer incharge QA squadron and managed the human resources, shifts, scheduling, inspections, evaluations, monitoring, analysis of collected data, inspection scheduling on collected data and follow up on maintenance. Management of all correspondence with user agencies and higher command, drafting and finalizing of mailing, emailing etc. Where I completed my 25 years limit of service and got retired in a respectable manner from QA Sqn PAFA.




Po azakhel bala distt nowshera kpk, Pakistan
Postal code 24190
Contact No.: +923468879946
E-mail address: [email protected]


Proactive & self-driven professional with 25 years’ experience on various supervisory, administrative, Electronics Engineering systems Operations / maintenance from “O” level to “D” level and factory level appointments. At cream time of service became a quality assurance supervisor, where managed technical administration, Training of QA staff, in the challenging environment of Pakistan Air Force.
22 Years Professional Experience
Supervisor: Avionics ground (electronics) routine maintenance, component level repair,maintenance staff and equipment management,
Duties & Responsibilities
1. Quality Assurance Supervisor
2. Ground surveillance RADARS, ILS / DME, TACAN, PAR, COMM equipment, operations, routine maintenance and repair
3. Precision Measuring Equipment Calibration and depot level repair
4. Simulators operation, routine maintenance and repair
5. Electronics equipment overhauling under the ISO 9001 environment
6. Biomedical equipment calibration, maintenance and repair
Relevant Skills:
All Electronics, Data Processing, cable,connectors and power control units maintenance and repair:
Proficient in Microsoft Office Program:

Supervision, organizing team, guidance and training of technical staff
Trained of HMI software, hardware fault rectification and fault tracing through schematic diagram
Technical Parts procurement, Turn In / Demand, balance, store, ware house management

Hands on work experience:
Pakistan air force

DAE (Electronics)
school of electronics paf korangi creek, Karachi
February1997- October 1999
Relevant Courses / Qualifications:
1.Field Training Detachment of High level Radars
2.Depot level Maintenance of Electromedical Equipment (biomedical)
3.Quality Assurance Course for Supervisors
4.Maintenance Supervisory Course
5.SNCO,S Disciplinary Course
6.Military Leadership & Command Course
7.On Site Training on ILS/ DME System by OEM
8.Mission Control Center Field level Maintenance Course
9.Mission Control Center Depot level Maintenance Course
10.ATC Simulator Ops & Maintenance Course
11.K8 Air Craft Simulator Ops & ,Maintenance Course
12.K8P Air Craft Simulator Ops & Maintenance Course

English: Fluent in speaking, Reading and writing
Urdu: Fluent in speaking, Reading and writing
Pashto: native language
Punjabi: fluent in speaking

Full Name: Muhammad Sawar Khan
Son Of: Aslam Khan
Marital Status: Married
Date of Birth: Mar 15, 1980
Place of Birth: Nowshera, Pakistan


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